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Youth Justice Wisconsin reports highlight data, policy, and practice that inspire change to decrease incarceration and increase well being for youth and

emerging adults in Wisconsin.

March 2022

Improving Outcomes in Wisconsin's Youth Justice System Post-Pandemic: Fines, Fees, and Community Supervision

In examining how youth justice practices may have changed during the pandemic, this study contributes to a nationwide conversation on how to divert youth from the youth justice system and shrink the current youth justice population permanently. Fines, fees and community supervision are areas of policy that can contribute to unnecessary system involvement for youth and families.  This report offers recommendations to drive our work forward while advancing equity in Wisconsin. 

February 2022

Covid-19 and Youth Justice in Wisconsin:
What are We Learning?

As a follow-up to our 2021 report, this publication offers insights into where resources and effort must be directed in order to reduce youth incarceration in pursuit of equity and realization of the Wisconsin Model of Juvenile Justice. 

January 2021

The Impact of Covid 19 on Youth Justice in Wisconsin: What Does It Tell Us About the Future of the System?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an urgent need for safety planning within secure facilities due to a unique set of risks and vulnerabilities for youth who are in custody. This report examines the implications of those shifts in relation to the current state of youth justice and the future based on the Wisconsin Model of Juvenile Justice. 

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