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Youth Justice Wisconsin collaborates on events and media content that increases awareness of the impacts of youth incarceration on individuals, families and communities in order to inspire change. 


Raise the Age Coalition Webinar

Raise the Age - Wisconsin is a broad coalition dedicated to bringing 17-year-old youth back to their rightful place in the juvenile court system and eliminating, as opposed to exacerbating, any disparities across Wisconsin’s juvenile justice system. YJW works on this issue to achieve a more equitable, benevolent, and just Wisconsin.  


Cap Times Ideasfest Panel

A panel focusing on what the next chapter of youth justice in Wisconsin should look like now that Act 185 has been passed and is ready for implementation.


HearUs Podcast

Young people and youth justice experts talk about falling into the system. The underling factors, what helps, what hurts. Stories that can inspire change. 

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