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Youth Justice Wisconsin convenings are designed to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders to learn and progress towards action that decreases incarceration and increases well being for youth and emerging adults in Wisconsin.

Youth Justice Action Month Webinar

October 26, 2022

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February 18, 2022

Impact of COVID-19 on Youth Justice in Wisconsin Webinar

The Youth Justice Wisconsin COVID-19 Impact Project included three phases of data collection and analysis. The findings suggest that we can safely, and equitably, reduce the reliance on confinement, law enforcement, and fines and fees with coordinated action in key areas.  


Panelists ─

Genevieve Caffrey, UW-La Follette School Capstone Project Team 

Lance Horozewski, Division of Juvenile Corrections

Sharlen Moore, Youth Justice Milwaukee/ Urban Underground

Alana Peck, Department of Children & Families

Joshua Rovner, The Sentencing Project

Philip Stegemann, La Crosse County Human Services

Bridget Todd-Robbins, La Crosse County Human Services


Moderator - Erica Nelson, Kids Forward Advocacy Director

Presenter - Ann McCullough, Youth Justice Wisconsin Consultant


Justice for Emerging Adults
Webinar Series

Young people between the ages of 18-24, also known as Emerging Adults, experience the worst racial disparities within the criminal justice system of any age group. In Wisconsin, this group includes 17 year olds, as well. We pulled together diverse panels to outline reasons why our system over-incarcerates this group and how we can change to stop this cycle.



Building a Wisconsin Model of Youth Justice

We convened key stakeholders in October 2019 to communicate the urgency around addressing the underlying causes of incarceration and racial disparities within the current system in order to see true change in Wisconsin. 

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